Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eileen's 1st month

Our first month with Eileen came and went too fast. After a few days in the hospital, it was time to go home and start life with our newest member of the family. 

I forgot how big of a life adjustment it was caring for a newborn, and luckily for me my mom came a few short days after Eileen was born to help out and snuggle with her.
My mom was here for a little less than 3 weeks and I was so glad she was here. It was a blessing having two extra arms to hold a baby that screams whenever she gets put down.
Eileen loved snuggling on a warm chest, and that's pretty much how she was held for the entire first month. She hasn't liked being held like a baby since day one.
Eileen's weight went down to 7lbs 1oz at her 3 day check up. 4 weeks, 4 trips to the doctors, and numerous texts to aunt sally, our breastfeeding consultant later, she was back up to her birth weight of 7lbs 11oz and hasn't stopped since.

We took Eileen over to aunt Elaine's house when she was 5 days old for her newborn pictures. They turned out heavenly. Can you see why I am sooooo in love with this baby?

Fiel has always given the first bath to our babies the day the umbilical cord falls off. My week and a half old did not like her bath one bit, but her brother Clee found her complaints to be hysterical.

Eileen attended her very first party on Papa and Rex's Birthday. A few days later she celebrated her very first holiday, the Fourth Of July! Her cousin Ellie was here in Florida for the entire summer. Ellie loves babies, and she held Eileen every chance she got.

Eileen did a lot of sleeping throughout that first month. Her naps were mostly taken on top of a warm chest, but there were rare times where she'd sleep on her own for a few minutes.

She spent lots of time with Grammy and Papa while we packed up our old house and got ready for our brand new one. Who says having a baby and building a house were two of the biggest stress makers? ... Alright, it was me.

Emme and Andrew couldn't get enough of their little sister. Emme picked out what Eileen wore almost everyday, and even was willing to change a diaper or two. Clee? He was more into participating in tummy time on Eileen's play mat. You know... the usual thing one does when there's an empty play mat around.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The birth story of Eileen Natalie

Here is she is. Little Eileen Natalie Sirmans, sometimes referred to as Teeny weeny Eileeny, Leelee, Eilee, Tally, etc.

It's been 11 wonderful weeks since our sweet Eileen joined us, and it still doesn't seem real sometimes.

I've dreamt of her since Andrew was a toddler. It felt like our little family wasn't quite complete without her. After years of dreaming her up and years of her never becoming reality, I decided to let go of baby I dreamt about. A mother of 3 was my path even though Sally, Tice, my mom, and grandma begged to differ. Sally and Tice have predicted for years that "Leelee" would come around the time Clee was 10, and my grandma, Natalie has always told me I needed another little girl. As much as I hate to admit it, I was starting to doubt everyones intuitions.  

My Grandma died last April and boom... I was shockingly pregnant in October. I was actually carrying the baby I longed for, but never thought I'd get. I'd like to think that when my grandma went to heaven, she saw Eileen there and told her to go on to us. In other words I'd like to think my grandma kicked Eileen out of heaven. 

The pregnancy was off to a rocky start. I. Was. Sick. So sick. I have never experienced much morning sickness with my others so it came as unexpected torture. I was uninsured. So uninsured. I had my moments of flipping out having to think this baby would be born at home-  san drugs because I was a big baby who couldn't afford the hospital. Luckily there's a thing called ObamaCare and I was able to get on the governments pre existing insurance plan. Say what you want about ObamaCare, but as for me? Big fan. 

The rest of the pregnancy went fine and dandy until we got to that pesky, hot and humid month of June. Ugh. My hands were swollen. My feet were swollen. My back hurt nonstop. I was so ready to give birth and feel human again. 
That glorious day was scheduled for June 26. Fiel, Emme, Elaine, and Lori were all going to witness the birth. 
We were scheduled to be admitted at 6am, but 10 minutes before we were in the clear to go to the hospital, we received a call letting us know the hospital was overbooked. It was Emme all over again. We decided to all take Clee to camp that morning, and we got the call to come in on the way there. I was a happy camper. 
It took a few hours to get everything up and running, and by noon we were all guessing times that Eileen would make her debut. Some said 3pm, others thought 5pm, but 3pm and 5pm passed and I wasn't even dilated to a 3. We were all trying to come up wit ways to pass the time. We sang the first chorus line to Come On Eileen in hopes it would coax her into hurrying her down the birth canal. After all, at that moment- she meant everything. 
Fiel, Elaine, and Emme played on their ipads. I was texting my mom and the aunties in Utah updates. Lori worked diligently on finishing the quilt she had quilted for Eileen. By 6pm I thought my had water broke, but it was just my peeing my pants. 
Elaine was able to attend Rex's graduation from the police academy that night and come back to us... still waiting. At 10pm my midwife, Sheridan came in to brake my water (for real this time). It was all systems go from there. The contractions were getting more constant and painful. I felt wonderful knowing my good old friend Mr. epidural had my back. 
The night turned into the early morning. By 3am I felt the urge to push. We were getting down to business. Fiel and Emme were up by me as I pushed, and Elaine and Lori positioned themselves front and center for a birds eye view. I quite enjoyed their commentary in between pushes. My favorite came from Elaine when she saw the top of Eileen's head and said, "...Is that a rock?". I would have bursted into laughter if it weren't for my diligent pushing every few seconds. After a few minutes of pushing I heard Ms Sheridan say, "we have ourselves a baby girl!". 

She held her up and she was even more beautiful then I dreamt her to be. Eileen Natalie, named after my Great Granny Eileen, and my Grandma Natalie, came into this world on June 27th 2012 at 3:38am weighing 7 lbs 11oz 19 and a half inches tall. Everyone huddled over her in the tiny baby bed, cooing at the newest Sirmans while the nurses cleaned her off. It was a very special moment to have shared with all of them, especially Emme. Emme was such a proud sissy. I loved watching my eldest baby girl holding my youngest. Elaine and Emme stayed by Eileen's side through the weighing, measuring, and
bathing. We were all so in love with our sweet little Eileen. 
By sunrise everyone left to get some much needed rest and it was just me and mine. I must have kissed her a billion times on those squishy soft cheeks of hers. I must have replied to Andrew's iMessages just as many times. 

The next few days were filled with visitors wanting to meet our our chubby cheeked cherub. Fiel and I made the wise decision to keep Clee away from the hospital so he could meet his new sister in a familiar and comfortable environment. When he did meet her he was all like, meh. No worries, she's grown on him since. 
Eileen had visitors galore, but their was only one who I was eagerly wanting to come. The baby of our family for the past 7 years, Andrew. I spent many nights wondering how he would take having his baby title taken away from him. He played that roll of baby of the family down to a T. My mind was filled with ease when he came into the room with that huge squinty eyed grin of his and a badge on his shirt that said "Big Brother" and for once in his life, he looked like he was made for that roll...

... And once he had his little sister in his arms, I knew he was most certainly made for that roll. 

Welcome to our family, my sweet little Eileeny. You've made our family complete and our hearts filled. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So I'm guilty of this: Slacking off on my blogging duties. I really didn't have a reason for it until now...

Our family would like to introduce you to the newest Sirmans. 

Eileen Natalie Sirmans

She was born on June 27th at 3:38 am, weighing 7 lbs 11 oz, 19 and a half inches long. 

We are so so so in love. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Question. Have you ever took a 7 yr old to pick out a light saber, thinking it would be an in and out easy peasy sort of errand? Well my friend, think again.
Andrew's most recent obsession is Star Wars. It was long overdue. He's been saving $5 bills that he receives inside various holiday cards from his grandma for something real special. Once he reached $20 he couldn't save any more. It was time to spend.
Last night we ventured alone to Target. We spent an hour in the Star Wars isle debating which light saber to get. Yoda's? Anakin's? Obi Wan's? Darth Varder? Blue, green, or red? Lights up and makes sounds? Or one that folds all the way down inside the handle?
There was too much thought going into this light saber, if you ask me...
He ended up picking the blue light up one and he was very satisfied. So were nerves. But out of all the impatience and boredness for yours truly that went into the choice, there was something else that made the trip insightful.
While he was in the midst of his hard decision he looked up at me with deep thought in his eyes and said: You know what my favorite part of Episode 1 was? It's when Yoda says:

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

You know what? Out of all the pod racing and light saber action, my son chose wise words from Master Yoda to be his favorite part. I've got a pretty rad kid.

Say hello to the newest baby Sirmans. So cute, right?

We had our ultrasound a few weeks back and I was on pins and needles days before. Almost everyone in the family thought our newest babe was a girl, but Andrew swore the babe was a boy. Either would be great, but lets be honest... this family is due for another girl.
We took Emme and Andrew to the ultrasound with us knowing this will be something they'll remember forever. It was going to be a happy memory we could share together... until the tech announced our sweet baby was a girl. While the room was filled with joy and full hearts, there was one little boy who was devastated digging his head into his Grammy's chest- hiding his tears from the tech.
He was mad and I mean MAD. It was mine and Emme's fault of course. Everyone in the building that day knew it was. I never expected him to react like that. All he wanted was a brother that would talk with words and actually want play with him. My heart hurt for my baby boy.
A few days later after he adjusted to life with a little sister on the way, he asked if we could name her Penny Lane. I was the bad guy again when I told him she already had a name and it wasn't linked to a Beatles song.
Side note, if you ever do want to name a baby after a Beatles song there are plenty to choose from. According to Andrew, there's Eleanor Rigby, Prudence (although he would't suggest it), Michelle, Lovely Rita, and Polythene Pam to name a few.
Flash forward to today, Andrew is good with being a big brother to a little sister. And the best part? Andrew will always remain my official baby boy. My heart is full once again.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two things that Andrew never expected to happen this year.

1. He never would have guessed he'd be riding alongside Candace on the back of a camel.

2. He never thought he would be joining his older sister and brother in the very exclusive Sirmans big siblings club.

...We were all shocked on number 2, really.

Your eyes do not deceive you. The Sirmans family is expecting baby number 4 in the very beginning of July. Papa and uncle Rex's Birthday to be exact.

For the longest time I felt there was another baby waiting to complete our family. Then I started to get the feeling it was all in my head. Earlier this year I made peace with the fact that I was meant to be a mother of 3. As soon as I let go of that feeling and my longing for another baby, Heavenly Father reminded me that he's the one who controls our destiny.
At only 12 weeks along, 2 inches in height, and just weighing in at an ounce, this baby is already so loved by so many people. We are so very blessed.

And as for Andrew? He was a little hesitant to let go of his coveted spot as baby of the family at first, but is now excited to be a part of such an exclusive club.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Would you believe me if I told you that Andrew turned 7 years old a little over a week ago? It's true. Can't believe it myself, but alas...
A little part of me wants to still believe he's this itty bitty boy who can fit into my pocket, but he reminds me of his big boy status so much, that the little part I desperately hold on to is starting to fade away.
All year andrew talked about having his Birthday party at the Fun Station. He did the Andrew thing by changing his mind a few weeks before. Instead he wanted a "just family" party followed by a day at Disney World and sleeping in our very own pirate room.
Andrew's Birthday weekend was a whirlwind of fun.
On Thursday Grandma came in from Utah to spend a few weeks with us. For the family party he chose a Phineas and Ferb themed cake. He had a blast opening all of his presents.
On Friday we went to see Papa and the Jukebox band do a gig. A rare occasion for us to be able to attend such an event. Andrew takes pride in the fact that his papa is a rock star. He thinks Jukebox would really take off if they sang some Beatles songs, but not Beach Boys. They're too happy.
Then on Saturday his actual Birthday, we went to Disney. We started the day at Epcot, then took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, and ended our night by sleeping in pirate ships.
By the end of the weekend, this kid had the 7th Birthday weekend of dreams. I was exhausted.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

With love,

The Star Wars nerd, DR CF Sirmans in summer attire, and Jack Sparrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I know, I know. You thought this post was about our Utah trip because I've been promising so. I'll get to it, but right now I have a mission for you. Yes you. A few weeks ago, I entered Emme in a "rad kid" contest to brag about how awesome she is and her efforts in educating peers in autism and special needs awareness. The grand price? A $10,000 scholarship. Now her dream is to go to NYU. Don't ya think that 10 grand will come in handy?
Today I found out she's in the running so all you have to do is go here (click on the bright red here) and vote for my bragable essay "E is for Excellent... and Emme". Pretty please? Don't do it for me... do it for Emme. Come on... do it. Go vote! Oh and tell your friends!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This afternoon I broke out the fireside candle, baked pumpkin muffins, while enjoying the sounds of the local high school's marching band practice outside my open living room window. It may be 90 degrees, but fall is finally here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's not everyday you see a huge random gust of wind throw your son completely off the park swing, but me immediately laughing about it? That's pretty much the norm.
The look on said sons face when he landed on the ground was priceless. Actually, the entire event was priceless.

Monday, August 22, 2011

We made it through another summer of fun. Back to school they all go. Learning. It's a wonderful thing, you know?

First of all. When did my kids get so big? They all look so growny.

Emme was placed in a 3rd, 4th, 5th combined gifted classroom this year. As a 5th grader her first reaction was "how lame is this?", but I think she's gotten used to the idea. It's the first year for the combined classroom so we'll see how it goes, but I must say I'm glad she'll finally be pushed to her full potential. Smarty pants.

Clee was pulled out of public school over the summer and placed in private. Yeah I'll admit it. The beginning reason for the switch was due to poor judgment on behalf of the principal over at the public school, but after looking into the private school (which is provided by the same folks who he goes to for therapy) I realized he'll benefit a lot more in a private setting. It's the pilot year for the new school and I'm pretty optimistic he'll be well taken care of.

Andrew has been counting down the days 'til the first day of school since July. He's been ready to go back. He got my teacher of choice and his buddies Dylan and Ravi are in his class again so we're both pretty pleased. Grandma bought him a Rolling Stones shirt while we were in Utah and he's been looking forward to putting it on for the first day of school. He says he looks good in Rolling Stone shirts and it's not bragging when whats being said is true. I can't say I disagree.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Way back in April when the Utah trip tickets were being purchased, I thought it would be nice to have Clee's Birthday in Utah for the first time since he was 2. We booked our tickets to come home on his Birthday... at 12:50am. Yep... I screwed that one up. He spent
the first 50 minutes of his 9th Birthday asleep in Utah on the runway. Lucky guy. On the bright side, he had not just one but two great swim parties before we left with my side of the family and Tice, Sally, Lane, and crew.
With only 3 good hours of sleep, a 4 hour car ride home from Atlanta, and one 3 week vacation freshly under his belt, I knew he wasn't going to be able to handle another big party. We planned a simple dinner with Grammy, Papa, and Rex for that night. We bought him pizza from his favorite Hungry Howies, and a watermelon instead of a Birthday cake, because lets face it. My kids are weird and don't like Birthday cake (I KNOW, RIGHT???). When it was time for our simple "let's celebrate 9 years of Clemon" dinner, Clemon had had enough. He was yelling. He was screaming. He wanted to go swimming, but didn't want to go swimming at the same time. He was a mess. He brought "it's my party and I'll cry if I want too" to a whole other level. He even cried when we sang Happy Birthday. I couldn't tell if it was due to our singing, but he just wasn't having it. ... I doubt it was our singing... do you think it had to do with our singing?
Poor Clemon spent his Birthday night miserable. I felt bad because it's one of my 3 favorite days out of the year and he just wasn't happy.

Even though the night was off to a rough start, it finished with a happy Clemon. He finally ate his watermelon. He let us sing Happy Birthday to him. He let Fiel and I give him 9 kisses on the cheek. And he smiled at me when I asked if he knew he was my new favorite 9 year old.

ps: Utah trip post coming soon, but first. Lets send the kids off to school tomorrow, shall we?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clee loves his Cars and when we saw that Cars 2 was coming out this summer I wanted to take him, but then reality sank in. He's loud at times, the silence in golden rule really doesn't go with our style.
About a month ago Emme's 4th grade teacher sent me an email about autism friendly movies that AMC theaters were showing monthly. Low and behold Cars 2 was one of those movies. We stocked up on treats and went on Saturday. He was a little hesitant to go in the theater at first but when we broke out the Mike and Ike's he settled right down. Candy works wonders for this child.
He sat really well throughout the movie and seemed to really enjoy it. It was nice having a public family outing where we actually fit in. He made some noises, but so did a lot of other kids. There were no stares or glares, just not so typical families partaking in a typical family activity. Being able to take him to a movie that he really enjoys without the stranger judgement makes me happy. It's the little things in life.

June brought us a lot of guests, and fun. For starters, I turned the big 3o. Turns out 30 isn't so bad after all. Who knew?
A few days later Lane and Ellie came in from Utah. Andrew was especially excited to see Lane. He says he misses his buddy. Luckily Rex is still here, he says.
We didn't seen much of Andrew almost the whole month of June because he was staying with Grammy and Papa. We almost had his mail forwarded over there. He didn't think that joke was funny.

There's been a lot of swimming since our summer began. I love that Clee can't catch a break with his swim trunks. They're either riding up or falling down.

Elaine and Karen had the idea to have a Tea party for all the June Birthday girls. Ellie loved it, Emme liked it, but would never admit it. You now... she's too cool for such things.

The spacecraft, Orion stopped in our town on it's tour and Andrew really wanted to check it out. He thought seeing and touching something that has actually been in outer space was the coolest thing ever! All the rest of the week he told me that he was going to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Between swimming, tea parties, and spacecrafts Clee has been busy with all day (you read that right. All. Day.) summer camp at his therapy office which kinda lead to our decision to pull him out of public school and place him in private school. It'll be the pilot year for his therapy services school and it really does seem to be the right fit for him. I'll elaborate on details later, but for now having a child in private school is the running joke in our household.

Emme has become quite the athlete in her old age. She started gymnastics this summer and loves it very much. And out of the blue she decided she loved basketball as well. Grammy signed her up for basketball camp and last week she went. She had the best time and learned a ton. She tried to explain basketball ball terminology to me but she lost me at hoop. She'll continue and Andrew will start gymnastics in the fall and Emme join the basketball team in the winter.

With all the guests gone back home we have a little time to recoup just in time for the next batch of guests to arrive. I'm sure we'll have lots of great adventures to share.

We're a little late to the scene, but Andrew started his very first swim lessons this summer. He loved it. I believe his words to describe it were "Fun. Fun. Fun. I have no other words- just fun."
Before he was a little leery of swimming, but now he's very comfortable... Almost too comfortable at times.