Saturday, August 18, 2007

Meet the Sirmans family

We're the Sirmans Family of manchester CT and here is our introduction to our blog....
Meet Fiel (phil). Fiel is the general/ training manager for Taco Bell. He enjoys video games (guitar hero is the current favorite), playing various sports with his brothers Rex, and Lane, and dreaming about cars he wishes he had but never will.
Meet Natalie. Natalie is a full time mom and a part time assosiate for Pottery Barn Kids. She enjoys spending time with her family, looks forward to thursday nights when a new episode of the Office aires, bargin shopping, sing and dancing with her kids, and since a recent trip to NYC going to broadway shows!
Meet Emme. Emme is six years old is going to be a first grader at the Kinsella magnet school of the arts. Emme is the artist of the family.She enjoys coming up with hip new ways to dress,art,swimming, sing and dancing, High School Musical everything, reading, going to Utah to see her Grandma,and helping mom out entertaining her little bros.
Meet Clee. Clee just turned five and will be going into kindergarten at the River Street School for children with autism.Clee has a smile that would melt anyone's heart! Clee is our family angel. Clee enjoys anything with water, swimming, swinging, and jumping.
Meet Andrew. Ohh our baby Drewby! He is the entertainer of the family. How many of you can say you get a live concert on your dinning room table every night? Drew is two and a half and gets to hang out with mom all day! He enjoys playing his guitar, singing, performing for a audience, dancing,sleepovers at grammy and papa's, Blue's Clues, and most recently Thomas the train.
We're looking forward in keeping you up to date with our highly adventurous lives on our new blog!

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april said...

wahoo!! glad to see you're officially up and started. i'll add you as a link on mine and check back often.

happy birthday to clee!!!