Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daddy's new baby! Mama's thrilled.

After over a year of me listening to Fiel's plea for a new TV, he finally wore me down (yes Fiel. I said it. you win!). I couldn't take anymore of the guilt trips and the negotiations! The look on his face when he brought it home was like a child's on Christmas morning! We had to make room for this enormous "thing", so Rex is the new owner of our old TV. Andrew got SO upset when Rex and Lane took it home with them. He was crying " NO Rex! Whashu doing? That's mine TB!!!". He watched them drive away with it in hysterics like it was part of the family. So sad. He did cheer up after he saw something better (according to Fiel) was taking it's place.
The one thing I have learned from this is to never make negative comments about Fiel's new baby! I told him I couldn't tell a difference between our old TV and the new one and boy was he offended (oops a daisy)!
Well Shupee, congratulations. This will be your last splurge for the next five years! Have fun with it!

Proud Papa!


jennah said...

your hilarious! you write so well too. i look every day to see what new and exciting things are going on with you and your family. i love your blog. never a dull moment.

sorichfamily said...

he really does look sooooo happy! it is amazing how such small things bring out the "happy boy" inside!! have so much fun with your new friend fiel!! and nat, you can come over anytime for an kind of looks the same over here!! :) too funny!!

chaffinclan said...

I'm glad for Fiel that he finally got his baby. I'm glad for you that you don't have to listen to the pleading anymore! I'm glad for Andrew that you didn't take his life, the TV, away from him.

Amanda said...

I'm proud of you for getting Fiel on the blog! He does look very happy. Whatever it takes right?