Thursday, September 6, 2007

Littlest big brother ever!

You would think having a nick name like "Littlest big brother ever" would be hard to live up to right? Not for Andrew! Since Andrew could walk and talk he's been playing the role of "big brother" to his big brother Clee. I think he was born ready to play that part in Clee's life.
Today after Clee got home from school Andrew immediatley went to Clee and said "Hi Clemon! You have good day at school?" then proceeded to help Clee take his shoes off. After the shoes were out of the way, Clee sat down on the couch, Andrew sat right next to him. He began to have a conversation with Clee. This is how it went...
Andrew: " Clemon, you want a blanket? Here you go."
Clee: "ahh" as he puts the blanket andrew gave him on the floor.
Andrew: "oop.He don't want it." Andrew then put his hand on Clee's leg and said, "Clee, you good boy".
Clee: "AHHH!" As he pushes Andrew's hand away.
Andrew: "ok Clee, I'll get you some choc"O"late milk. Mommy, get Clemon milk!"
Mommy: " Are you a good brother too Clee?"
Andrew: "Yes. Clemon's my baby."
Mommy: " Clemon's your brother."
Andrew: " Clemon's my brover!? Ok."


april said...

how sweet! i love it! evan was on jake's torso and bouncing up and down the other day. he likes to wrestle, pull jake's hair and jump on him. maybe andrew could teach evan a few things?

chaffinclan said...

I definitely think Andrew was born to play the role of big brother. Hopefully Clee will grow to appreciate it.

jennah said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever read. What wonderful boys (and girl) you have! Your life is very full. Your a lucky and wonderful mom!

Amanda said...

How sweet is this? Sometimes I think about birth order and why a certain child was born before or after another and how things would be different. I love that Andrew is an interpretor for Clee and seems to understand him maybe on a level that we don't.