Friday, September 21, 2007

what the kids are saying

In honor of my Grandma Natalie turning eighty one this weekend the quote of the week goes out to her!
Earlier this week, Emme and I were talking about Great Grandma and that her birthaday was this Saturday. We both agreed it was really neat that Great Grandma has had eighty one birthday cakes and eighty one parties! After talking about cake and how yummy it was, Emme asked me " Why do we call Great Grandma- GREAT Grandma? Is it because she's so great?" Yes Emme. That's why!
Last but not least, Andrew's quote... " Mommy, give my batare (guitar) some shicken (chicken) please!"

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chaffinclan said...

I love that Andrew has to feed his guitar and buckle it into the car. He'd better translate that love of rock into a career and make lots of money to share with his parents (and his favorite Aunt)!