Friday, October 5, 2007


On October 4th we came here

located in Downtown Hartford (if you can't tell, thats a bullet hole threw the window)

to see...

Me giving a thumbs up to Cartel!

Will, the angelic piped, hottie front man. (not as hot as fiel of course)

Joseph, the lead guitarist and one of my new favorite peeps. Andrew's favorite band member because he can do really cool tricks with his guitar.

Nic (an un-named girls Cartel crush ps. he's not mine.) also known for his Abercrombie and Fitch looks.

Un-named girls picture

Kevin, the enthusiastic drummer! He reminds Tice and I of our old assistant manager from PBK.

...and him again!

After the show the band threw their guitar picks, drum sticks, and anything they could find into the crowd. Will threw his water bottle into the crowd.
Hey! Look what I caught without even trying...

Summary of the show...
As soon as the doors opened to the venue we had to run like crazy to ensure we had good places to stand. We were in the second row. I guess we didn't run fast enough. Second row was pretty good though.
Every concert has it's opening acts... Cartel had a local band from Glastonbury who were actually pretty good considering they were high school aged kids. The group Weatherbox could have been better if they would have waited to "party" until after the show instead of before. The ending act were the guys from The Honorary Title, who turned Tice and I into new fans!
After waiting for literally three hours, Cartel finally came on! They were worth the wait! They opened their show with the ESPN's Monday night football theme song ( Fiel would have enjoyed that). We sang along, we danced, the un-named girl screamed "Nic, you're HOT! " twice when it was quieter , and to our surprise, we were NOT the oldest there.
We had a lot of fun and Cartel always aims to please!
*Note to self* remember what a set list is and what it's definitely not. I'm too old to stand for six hours strait!
List of songs Cartel played : Say Anything (else), If I fail, Tonight, This Is Who We Are, Burn This City (love that song), Georgia, Runaway, I Will Hide Myself Away, Matter Of Time, Get Away, The Fortunate, No Subject, Honestly, The Minstrel's Prayer, Wonderwall cover, and Lose It.


Grandma Gerri said...

Judging by both of your blogs you had a great time. But by the time Drew's old enough to go to one of these 1. you won't be able to stand that long and 2. he won't want to go with you. bummer huh? I'm glad you two had a great time stay young. Love mom

chaffinclan said...

Oh what fun we had. We really do need to go to another concert soon. That was too much fun. I agree with your Mom, Andrew (and Tycen) will not want us anywhere near their concerts. Too bad! We'll go anyway!

sally said...

That unnamed girl looks sooooo familiar, but I just can't place where. Hmmmm. I will have to give it some thought. XOXOXOXO. Wish I was there, I'm feeling a little left out. Sigh. Sigh.