Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy 29th Birthday Tice!

Girl Tice, your a great sister and fantastic friend! Happy Birthday!

My top 29 random things about Tice in random order...

1.Paint color professional
2.Go-to girl
3.Hard worker
4.Sometimes not-so hard worker
5.Joaquin Phoenix movies addict
6.Joaquin Phoenix addict
7.Hairspray cult member
8.Song master
9.Zac Efron googler
10.Nick Lachey Fan
11.Turquiose is her current favorite color.
12.Long sleeve shirts
13.Concert goer
14.Collects buttons on her purse.
15.Loves stripes.
16.Queen of funny quotes
17.Enjoys her alone time.
18.She has seen every episode of Will and Grace, and then some.
19.I'm not gonna lie to you...she's a funny gal.
20.Lover of the pony tail.
22.She's a fool for cute sweat pants and pj bottoms.
23.She wants to see every show on Broadway.
24.Expert of cleaning spilt gallons of milk off the floor.
25.Family famous for her baking abilities.
26.Sauna buddy
27.She's one a the seldom few who gets why the phrase " Not for nothing" is hysterical.
28.She loves sleep
29.She can appreciate the power of a good bowl of ice cream.


april said...

loved the old family pictures!! holy smokes, i felt like i was looking at ellie. it was also a great treat to see C.F. with a mustache.

anyhoo, i liked all you had to say about tice. she sure is fun and a great supportive friend (as are you). you have piqued my curiosity once again with your phrase: "not for nothing." you never explained your austin powers song either. one of these days i'm going to corner/blackmail you and get some answers!

Grandma Gerri said...

Happy Birthday Tice!!!!! Those are some great pictures.