Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sirmans Halloween tradition

This movie is loved by all in the Sirmans family! I guess watching it every Halloween makes it the only Halloween tradition we have. Still a great tradition!
It was the very first movie Fiel and I bought together when we were first married.
When Emme was just 10 months old, she would watch this movie over, and over again (I pretty sure she didn't inherit my easily spooked out personality). She loved it and still does!
At age one, if Clee wasn't watching "Lilo and Stitch". he was watching "Nightmare Before Christmas".
It took Andrew a little longer to appreciate the movie ( because he DID inherit my easily spooked out personality) but now he thinks it's great!


april said...

absolutely love this one too! corpse bride is also awesome.

chaffinclan said...

Even though the movie came out some 10+ years ago, I still love the music!