Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Something new

I just downloaded this EP from Itunes this morning, and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since! It's been Mom tested, Andrew approved!


chaffinclan said...

And we all know that any music listened to by you has to be approved by Andrew first. Hell hath no fury like making Andrew listen to music he doesn't like!

jennah said...

how bout putting it on one of those fancy players so we can have a listen. (i sound like my father-in-law, but i seriously don't know how to do it or what its called. technically inept.) we'll have to check out yo gabba gabba. jack is such a tv junkie! our new fav is hi-five on discovery kids. kinda like a less gay doodlebops...(not that we didn't go through the doodlebop thing too)

natalie said...

jennah, thanks for the idea! i went ahead and put two holiday parade songs on my playlist so enjoy. andrew is a tv junkie too! i've never heard of hi-five. we may have to check it out!