Friday, October 19, 2007

what the kids are saying

I've been doing our "What The Kids Are Saying" post for a few weeks now and just realized Clee has not been spotlighted. Clee doesn't talk (yet) so that's obviously the reason why, but in honor of a great new video glossary launched this week, he is the star of this weeks post . When Clee was first diagnosed with autism in 2004, we didn't have a whole go-to resources for help.
The non-profit organization Autism Speaks has been a huge blessing to families living with autism since their website first launched in February 2006. We love the Autism Speaks website!
This week, Autism Speaks, First Signs, and Florida State University launched a revolutionary Autism Video Glossary. Over 60,000 people have already logged on to the new online autism video glossary. The glossary is designed to help parents and professionals learn more about the early warning signs of autism spectrum disorders. More than one hundred side-by-side video clips illustrate typical development and behaviors that are red flags for autism, facilitating earlier diagnosis and intervention for children with autism.
To check out this great new glossary, go to

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chaffinclan said...

Clee has many ways of "talking". None of which are conventional but he is still effective in communicating his wants. I especially love when he wants someone to go away and he closes his eyes and then opens them halfway to see if that person has disappeared yet. I also love the one where he pushes people away without actually looking at them. Sometimes I wish I could do that!