Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why Fiel's wife is so FANTASTIC!

Fiel and Andrew share a love for Guitar Hero, and Fiel has been talking about how the newest edition to the series "Guitar Hero III" is coming out October 28 and that he REALLY wants it.
Well... fortunately Fiel has got a pretty super fantastic wife. Tonight Tice and I went to Gamestop ( a video game store) at midnight for the "midnight madness" launch party (not to be mistaken for lunch party) so I could buy the game and surprise Fiel with it (I'm SO nice I just can't help it... honestly!).
He was so happy to see his "Guitar Hero III" and started playing right away... nailed it!

Fiel and Lane having themselves some Guitar Hero fun!


chaffinclan said...

I love all of the Office references in this post. And yes, a fun night that was had by all - laughing at all of the nerds standing in line (including ourselves), making up fun names for the band and dreaming of replacing Slash's face with Andrew's for his poster.

april said...

yes, you are a great wife and fiel is one lucky guy.

Amanda said...

you are a good wife. that is so nice of you!