Wednesday, November 28, 2007

April 2 is officially World Autism Awareness Day

Today, the State of Qatar to the United Nations announced that April 2 will be designated World Autism Awareness Day!
I can just see Emme now asking me if she could take April 2nd off from school.
This news has been very uplifting to me since earlier this month, President Bush vetoed the Labor, Health, and Human, Services appropriations bill. The Combating Autism Act was a major part of this bill which would have funded autism research, surveillance, treatment and intervention over the next five years (because you know, autism isn't a major epidemic and isn't considered to be a world wide crisis- TOTALLY being sarcastic here!).
Well, ending on a positive note, April 2nd will be a big day for our family! Break out the Autism ribbon wreath and hang it proudly on your doors! Hooray for April 2nd!


chaffinclan said...

Yea for Autism Awareness Day! We shall make a cake out of frosting just for Clee...and wear Autism Awareness t-shirts that have his picture on it...and sport Autism Awareness ribbons on our purses...and give Clee hugs and kisses. Finally, Autism is getting some of the awareness that it so desperately needs.

Amanda said...

That is great. Leave it to Qatar to get it right. We all love Clee! He is such an angel...and I'm so happy for you that you are seeing social recognition from him. That is wonderful!