Thursday, November 29, 2007

Clee's big accomplishments

With a little help, Clee is now starting to associate our names with our faces! When he's focused, he will point to the family member we ask him to when we say "show me...". He gets a kick out of seeing our reactions when he points to one of us! I'm sure he thinks we're all crazy! Emme always tells him how proud she is of him! She's such a good sister!
He's even starting to play and laugh with Andrew! It's so neat to finally see my boys interacting like brothers! Andrew says that Clee is his best friend (so sweet!).
These are such huge accomplishments for Clee and we couldn't be happier for him! YEAH CLEE!!!


jennah said...

Wow! That must be really exciting to see. I wonder how much Clee gets but doesn't know how to show or express that he gets it? I was also happy to read that they have established a national Autism day. I love to read up on the links you provide about Autism. The public really needs to be more informed. Thanks for keeping us up dated on these things.

chaffinclan said...

Yeah Clee!

sorichfamily said...

i love me some Clee!! he is amazing!!

sally said...

My little man is pure genius!