Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grandma's House

Mom is visiting us from Utah for Andrew's Birthday and Thanksgiving. It's been great having her here!
Emme made a welcome to Connecticut card that Grandma Gerri loved and Clee was a big show off for her the night she flew in.
Andrew has his own way of welcoming her! Here are a few things he has said to her since she's been out...
Andrew: " Grandma's here and I have to poop."
Andrew: " Grandma, where's your bed?"
Grandma: "It's at my house."
Andrew : "Let's go to your house... Do you wanna take my car?"
This is next quote will permanently be in the Andrew hall of fame. We were in the car running a few errands when we drove past a Cemetery. Andrew pointed to the cemetery and said, " Grandma. Is that your house?" We laughed the whole way home with that one.


Amanda said...

we missed you on Sunday! Love Andrew's comments and his honesty. Love that your mom cooked Thanksgiving!

Grandma Gerri said...

I'll bet I get cold in that house and where's the bathroom?