Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hairspary and Rock Bands

Today is an exciting day in the lives of Fiel and Natalie Sirmans. The Hairspray DVD came out today as well as the video game Rock Band (Hallelujah)! Now I can sing along to one my favorite movies in the comfort of my own home (Tice bought the special edition DVD so I'll be singing along at her house too), oh boy!
I have to admit, Rock Band isn't just for Fiel, I'm going to enjoy this game too! * WARNING* gaming nerds are highly contagious, SO contagious that Rock Band will be the main event on Thanksgiving! We've already started forming teams (Tice, start thinking of a good name for our band) and talking pure trash talk to each other in hopes it will bring the competition down (it's more like Fiel telling me how bad I stink and how I have no rhythm which is true, but still). I can't wait! It will be a good time had by all!


chaffinclan said...

I'm forming a name as I write this. It's top secret.

Grandma Gerri said...

Good Times