Friday, November 30, 2007

7 facts

I was tagged by my friend Jennah to share 7 known facts about myself.
So here I go:
1. I have a little hole at the top of my right ear that I've had since birth. It really serves no propose except to gross Fiel out! Works for me!
2. I haven't seen my natural hair color in over a decade. I had light blonde hair until I turned 14 years old. At 14, it turned dark and I've been bleaching and dying it ever since.
3. I love the color pink! Seriously, I love pink!
4. I'm addicted to the TV show Ghost Hunters on the SCIFI channel. Don't ask me why because I really don't know, I just am.
5. I'm obsessed with Rocket Dog shoes! They're so comfortable, and super cute.Tice introduced me to them last year and I have been hooked ever since!
6. I can't stand the texture of cotton balls. I get nauseous every time I have to touch one.
7. I have seen the movie Tommy Boy over 100 times (most of them with Fiel). I love that movie! I still laugh as hard as I did the first time saw it. Chris Farley was genius.
Well, there you have it. I've either fascinated you with my brilliance or bored you with my honesty.


chaffinclan said...

Fascinated indeed. Didn't know about the cotton ball thing. Oh and just as a reminder, "Fat guy in a little coat." Genius, I tell you. Pure genius.

jennah said...

Nice! You weirdo! My favorites are the hole on the top of your ear and I totally would have pinned you as a natural blonde! "maybe you lied when you told me you loved me baby..." maybe not 100 times but it could be the movie I've repeatedly seen the most too.

sally said...

What about how you have a cute snort when you laugh really hard? That one's great!

Amanda said...

Oh yeah...I think I heard the snort once too! You are awesome. Even more cooler than I thought.