Friday, December 28, 2007


In Christmas' past, we have been woken up at 5 am by our lovely daughter Emme to open gifts. Believe it or not, this 5 am wake up call was not working for me. This year was going to be different. We issued a ban from going down stairs until 7 am, and no earlier. To my surprise, the kids didn't even wake up until 7:30 am! It was a Christmas Miracle!!!

Andrew had a blast opening his gifts! My favorite is when he said " Santa gave presidents to me, Andrew Wyatt! My name was on Santa's list for presidents!" He's just way too adorable sometimes!

Emme was thrilled with all of her gifts. She especially loved the note Santa left for her on American Girl stationary! Spiffy!

Clee's gift from Grandma was a big hit!

We had Rex, Tice, Kyle, and their little ones over for dinner. Tice and I planned the meal and no, we don't think of ourselves as the next Martha Stewart. We are just very Klassy with a "k" girls who know how to please a family of 13.
We had Domino's cater our Christmas dinner. There's nothing like reheated, day old Domino's to get you into the Christmas spirit!
Clee's not a big fan of pizza so he feasted on candy canes, powdered donuts and Sun Chips. He was in heaven!

We had the beverage of choice.

The kids spent the rest of the day playing with their cousins and new toys while we played Rock Band until our fingers started to hurt.
We love Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

And a fun Christmas it was, indeed. I think it did, in fact, rival a Martha Stewart Christmas! Fun times.

april said...

sounds like a blast. glad you had fun.

Grandma Gerri said...

I wish I could have been there!
Love, Mom (grandma)