Friday, December 14, 2007

Let it snow

Yesterday was the kids first snow day of the school year! We had a great day!
Emme put on a show for us! She was "Emme Sirmans as Hannah Montana"!

We read some books.

The kids had a blast decorating cookies! Clee loved eating the sprinkles, Emme worked on decorating the perfect cookie, and Andrew thought he was so cool because he got to use a butter knife to spread his frosting on his cookies!

Surprisingly, our little outdoors man Clee wasn't very interested in the snow. He came outside, ate some snow from the car, and went in the front yard to see what Emme and Andrew were doing. Five minutes later, he went back inside took off his snow gear and watched us out the window eating the left over frosting from the cookies.

Andrew didn't like walking in the snow so he had Emme carry him everywhere he wanted to go. He's got the baby of the family act down to perfection!

Emme and Andrew had fun building their snowman.


chaffinclan said...

Ah, the fun of a snow day. Looks like good times were had by all. I love that Clee went back in to eat the frosting. He's my kind of man!

Grandma Gerri said...

It looks like you had a very busy day with loads of fun.
Oh by the way I love the buttons.