Monday, December 17, 2007

Officially an artist

A few weeks back, Emme came up with a great idea! She made her very own art studio in our dinning room (since then, she has relocated to a shopping bag so her studio could be travel friendly) filled with all of her art work. Her goal was to sell her pictures for $1 each and donate the dollar to Autism. Her Uncle Rex was her very first customer! I knew she was excited that he bought one of her pictures but I didn't know the extent of her joy until I went to her parent teacher conference last week.
Her teacher Mrs Stamos told me the first thing Emme did the next day was run up to her and say, "My Uncle Rex bought one of my pictures! I'm now officially an artist and it feels GREAT! I'm also raising money for my brother Clee and all the other autism kids at the same time and that makes me really happy!" I'm so proud of you Emme for pursuing your dreams and for being the best autism advocate you can be!


april said...

way to go, emme! i wouldn't mind seeing your portfolio sometime. i really like the "freebie" that you drew for me at church once.

chaffinclan said...

Emme, I will gladly buy some of your artwork since you are a not-for-profit organization raising money for Autism Awareness. I commend you for finding a cause for your art. Congrats on selling one to Rex! He's a pretty finicky judge of things. You must be a fantastic artist!

Grandma Gerri said...

Tell Emme she better start drawing I'm going to send some money for some pictures before the price goes up.