Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Andrew had his first real potty experience today! He told me he to go potty, so he went into the bathroom, he took off his diaper, he grabbed the Manchester Reminder (a weekly paper for Manchester and surrounding town residents) so he'd have something to read, and went number two on the potty for the very first time! After, we gave each other a high five, did a little dance, and then he insisted on putting on a new diaper instead of his Superman briefs.
He later took a step backward and went to his usual number two hiding spot to finish what he had started in the bathroom. :(
I asked him if he wanted to go back on the potty he said, "No. I'm okay. Thank you."
At least we're making progress!


chaffinclan said...

Yea Andrew! Come over and teach that potty stuff to Tycen, please.

sally said...

Andrew you're such a big boy! Congrats!

Grandma Gerri said...

I believe thats progress, way to go Drewbee!