Thursday, January 17, 2008


This video is dark, blurry, and a tad bit on the shaky side but you can still hear the music. 


Mexicutioner's Mom said...

wow - that screech at the end was terrifying. Like the time my Uncle Pablo fell into that well chasing after his burro that had snatched his churro right out of his hands.

(In spanish, "burro" and "churro" don't rhyme, making this a much less interesting story.)

Tice said...

@ mexicutioner's mom-
You don't like Natalie's screech?


Tice said...

Good times were had last night. Natalie - I'm leaving the picture montage up to you this time. Have fun!

natalie said...

Churros are the best.
@Mexicutioner's madre- is your uncle Pablo alright?

Mexicutioner's Mom said...

Uncle Pablo, bless his soul, is no longer with us.