Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brothers stick together

The saying "Brothers stick together" is a motto that Fiel lives by. I didn't know how true this statement was until today when Clee kept hitting Andrew with one of his toys.
Clee would come over, smack Andrew on the head with his toy, Andrew would cry, and I would come over to Clee say "no sir Mr. Sirmans". This happened in that exact order 4 times before I'd had enough of it and took the toy away from Clee. Clee got really upset.
Instead of Andrew calming down, he got even more upset with me for taking Clee's toy away from him.
When I tried to remind Andrew that the reason he was crying in the first place was from Clee and his toy, Andrew said "No. give Clee back his toy! He's sad. Your mean Mommy".
So, I gave the toy back to Clee. They both immediately stopped crying and Clee resumed his hitting ways with the toy using Andrew's head as the target. Now we're back at square one. 

What is the purpose if this post? I have a great appreciation for the brotherly bond. Brothers look after and protect each other, and Andrew is a walking example of that. Clee and Andrew are so very fortunate to have one another.


sally said...

Awww, sweet brothers, naughty Mommy!!

Grandma Gerri said...

Maybe we should buy Drewbee a helmet, what da ya think?