Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday 57th Mom!

I could go on, and on telling you about all the times my Mom has entertained me with her most embarrassing moments, and on any other day I probably would. But today is my Mom's Birthday so I'll give her break and tell you about some of the things we love about her:

Natalie: She has always been there for me. 
She does my laundry when she comes to visit.
 She gave me the gift of stubbornness.
 She introduced me to my love for classic rock at a very young age. 
The band "Heart" will always remind me of her dancing and shimmying in the our kitchen when we lived on Logan Ave. in SLC. 
Thanks to her, bright orange Ford Pinto wagons will forever hold a special place in my heart. 
If I ask nicely, she'll still spoil me rotten!

Fiel: She puts up with you. (thanks hun!)

Emme: I love Grandma because she's Grandma.
 Purple is our favorite color. 
She has shirts with our names on them. 
I love going to her house in Utah.
 I love her purple car, but she doesn't have it anymore.
 She takes me to the movies!

Clee: Clee loves to play with Grandma's autism awareness bracelet. 
He really likes it when she gives him tickles.

Andrew: I like going to Grandma's house. 
I like when she picks me up!
 I like her Birthday!
 I wanna give Grandma a hug and presidents (presents)!
 I made her a cake!

Happy 57th Birthday Mom!!!
We love you!!!


sally said...

Happy Birthday Gerri! Have a good one!

Tice said...

Happy Birthday Grandma Gerri!

Grandma Gerri said...

Thanks for not mentioning the embarrassing moments. Thanks for the shout out.