Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's a madras miracle!!!

*Before reading this post, you must first refer to the mad for madras post, two posts down to fully understand my excitement!*
I cannot believe it!  
The heavens of the madras shined upon me tonight like some kind of madras miracle! 
I was ten minutes early for work tonight, so I went over to the Baby Gap to see what was new. As I passed the cash wrap (registers) I noticed a madras dress sitting on the counter. It looked way to big to be from Baby Gap, so I asked the associate what size the dress was. She lifted it up and said it was size 6-7 dress from Gap Kids that someone returned to the Baby store instead of the kids store (they are two separate stores at West Farms mall). 
Hallelujah! It was fate!
I squealed loudly like a little girl and told the associate she was my hero for the day. 
I did not think twice before buying this dress, it was mine, well Emme's.
The associate looked at me like I was insane for the remainder of my transaction. 
Tonight, I am a very happy girl! 


Tice said...

It *is* a madras miracle. Who knew there was such a thing?

april said...

wahoo!! i was going to offer to visit a gap on a trip to new york, but glad the gap heavens intervened. emme will look darling in it (as she always does).

Mexicutioner's Mom said...

Ah, the spirit of Tiny Tim strikes again.

Grandma Gerri said...

This is great now I don't have to go to the Mall after all