Wednesday, January 2, 2008

new years, nyc

I've always wanted to experience what is was like to be in NYC on new years eve. I wanted to know what all the hullabaloo was about. Tice and I decided this was the year for us to go and see Dick Clark and his big ball of light live and in person in Times Square. Unfortunately, Ryan Seacrest took over Dick Clarks thrown and we couldn't get anywhere near to Times Square, but we still had a Rockin' New Years Eve".

Tice and I went to the NBC Experience store (Tice refers to it as the NBC expensive store). While we were lurking around the store, I saw a Chris Farley T shirt I really wanted to get Fiel and a ton of The Office memorabilia. We were in Office heaven!

We then stopped at Rockefeller plaza to watch people ice skate. We debated whether or not we should go ice skating but the line was very long. We didn't really want to wait just so we could fall a billion of times in front of thousands of people.

This one's for Fiel.

This might only be funny to Tice and I. My name is always being mistaken for Natalie Sherman.

There were thousands of these guys.

We briefly thought this was the famous ball. We were informed that it wasn't shortly after we made a comment on how lame it looked.

At midnight, we were able to see the fireworks from the ball drop. Happy New Year! Things will be great in 2008!


Amanda said...

Glad you had a fun night! Glad that wasn't really the lame ball dropping!

chaffinclan said...

Fun times were had by all. And I'm really glad that wasn't the ball either. But we might have thought that one about the real one had we actually been able to see it. :) Happy New Year everyone.

sally said...

sigh...hmphf...poor left out.....

Lori said...

sigh...hmphf...poor left out...and I was only two hours away and not invited! HMPHF!