Thursday, January 31, 2008

Making progress on my 2008 resolutions

Every January, I come up with a list of New Year's resolutions. And every year, I give up on them by the first week. 
I am proud to admit that I have followed through with my 2008 resolutions for a full month!

My list of 2008 resolutions and my resolution progress:

1. Fold and put away laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer. 
I've surprised myself with this one. I have indeed kept up with my laundry, and I don't have to tell my husband to look in the pile for his clothes anymore. 
Yeah me!

2. Read and ponder the scriptures more often.
I never said how often and I have studied and pondered the scriptures at least twice this month so I'm gonna say I'm doing semi well with this one.
I'm sure this requires a yeah for me!

3. Lose and maintain the baby weight that i've been carring for 3 years. 
I've lost 2 pounds so far thats better than gaining 2 pounds I guess. 
Yeah me again!

4. Play with my little buddies more often.
 Does laying on the floor while all three of my children climb on top of me count as playing with them? I think it does, so yeah me!

5. Try not to take life so seriously.
 I've done a great job keeping up with that one!

6. Fulfill my 2008 resolutions. Check in check! 
Can I get a Yeah me?!

You know, sometimes I'm just too fabulous for my own good.


Mexicutioner's Mom said...

Yea you!

Grandma Gerri said...

Good Job I'm proud of you but you look like you've lost more than two pounds

jennah said...

Natalie, you are magnificent. But what are you standing in front of in that picture and how does it relate to your resolutions? Enlighten please or would it be over my head?

natalie said...

@ Jennah, It's a picture of me not taking myself so seriously. Let's be honest, it's a funny picture!

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

Yeah, um, you are a liar little missy! That's WAY more than 2 pounds...someone throw this girl a couple twinkies please?!?

natalie said...

@ Mom and Sally- I've lost 24 pounds total so far, but only two of them have been from this year.
@ Sally- first you got me thinking about cheese, now you've got my mind set on twinkies! You know I have Obsessive Sirmans Disorder! I need help!

Tice said...

@ jennah- You must check out my post entitled Quote of the (Sun)day to figure out what that picture is all about.

@ mexicutioner's mom - Yea you, Natalie!

@ Grandma Gerri - indeed more than 2 pounds. Although, neither Natalie or I have been able to get quite back into our routine after all the holidays. Can I get an amen, Natalie?

@ Sally - I repeat Natalie. Do you not know that she has the OSD?

april said...

yea for you! i'm especially impressed with the laundry feat. i like to believe that there is no way possible for me to keep up on my laundry; maybe you'll inspire me. pat would appreciate it.

Lori said...

Two pounds. Yea, you. Twenty four pounds! Yea, you times 24!