Friday, January 18, 2008

Our sometimes drummer boy

Last week, Grammy took Andrew to his very first drum lesson. He was so excited to go! Grammy said he did almost everything the teacher asked him to but, he made it very clear that he was done with the drumming scene within twenty minutes of the lesson. 
Andrew refuses to talk about how his lesson went. When ever we ask him, his reply is "I don't want to talk about it.I don't like drum taking lessons. I want guitar lessons."
He's a double threat with his stubbornness, he gets it from both sides of the family. Poor thing.
This morning, he was in his bedroom playing on his drums. It was the perfect opportunity  to practice some of the exercises his drum teacher taught him. We were having fun hitting the sticks together, and drumming a nice beat. This conversation took place during our exercises:
Andrew: I go to drum lessons?
Mom: You do. Do you like drum lessons?
Andrew: Uh huh. I like drum taking lessons. I like guitar lessons too! I want a trrruuuumpet Mommy. Do you like trumpet?
Mom: I love the trumpet.
Andrew: Is Grammy here to pick me up for my drum lessons?
Mom: No.
Andrew: Why isn't she here? I need to go to drum taking lessons.
Maybe there's hope for drum lessons after all. We'll see.


Tice said...

I love Andrew and all of his musical abilities. Can't wait to hear him wail on the trumpet!

sally said...

Must have been one traumatizing drum class....