Thursday, January 17, 2008

Viva La Cobra

Last night, Tice and I ventured out to Poughkeespie, Ny to see Cobra Starship on their Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking tour, and it was well worth the two hour drive to get there! We kept yourselves entertained for the two hour each way trip by listening to Cobra Starship (of course), drinking Diet Coke, sharing a twix bar, and talking about important subjects like... PBK, what concert we should see next, losing weight, how we need to start our band, what our band name would be, becoming vain, my super cute and dirt cheep pink hoodie, Ronnie, and how we need him to come with us next time for protection, Gabe and Beatles Guy (a.k.a Alex), and twix bars (thanks Amanda!). 
We made it there just in time to hear the first opening act The Cab's last song. From what we heard, they were good and we also heard from a reliable source that they were really, really ridiculously good looking too! We The Kings and Metro Station were the second and third acts, we bought the We The Kings CD on the way out of the theater.

If I was fifteen years old, I would have TOTALLY bought this hoodie! How cute is this purple Cobra hoodie?!
During one of the opening acts, Tice and I were talking about Cobra and how I refer to Alex, the bass player for Cobra as Beatles guy because reminds me of The Beatles. Lo and behold two minutes later, Beatles guy a.k.a Alex, was standing twenty feet away from us! Coincidence? Maybe, we just knew we needed to meet him, so I got his attention and he came over, and we had the guy who kept flirting with Tice take our picture with Alex. Scandalous!

Cobra was awesome! Gabe, the front mans dance moves were "white hot"! Loved it! They really know how to put on a fantastic show! We had so much fun!
Our picture with Ryland the man who rocks the axe. He's really,really tall! He also has an altar ego who goes by the name of Guy Ripley from the BBC. His interviews are hysterical!
Our picture with Nate the drummer. I accidently called him Nick, oops-a-daisy! Ahh, Isn't he sweet!
Boy howdy, this boy can dance! We waited with a mob a teenage girls to see Gabe (no, you don't have to comment on how lame we are for standing in a mob of girls, we know, we get it). I even had one of the teenage girls cuddling up with me while we were waiting which was a wee bit uncomfortable at first, but it was cold, and my motherly instincts took over so I just went along with it. Finally we met Gabe. He even told Tice and I we looked like we were twenty two years old. He's SO sweet!

We saw Alex again. Look at him... he's adorable! I do have a thing for The Beatles, it's genetic I think.
We also met Vicky a.k.a hot girl who plays the keytar. She was so nice and so cute! 
We had a great time at our January concert! We couldn't have picked a better concert to start out the new year!


Tice said...

A fun time indeed! We did need Ronnie there for protection. Scary town, that Poughkeepsie. And it did make for a fabulous new year of monthly concerts. A concert junkie am I.

Mexicutioner's Mom said...

And why no photo of this seemingly fabulous "Vicky?" It's 'cause she's not real, huh?

natalie said...

@ Mexicutioners Mom- No, we did take our picture with Vicky but, it didn't turn out so well in any of our favors. I couldn't put a picture of Vicky on my blog that didn't justify her hotness. She's a purdy gal.

Grandma Gerri said...

Yep it's genetic!