Friday, February 1, 2008

If Fall Out Boy and The Jonas Brothers think it's cool...

then sign me up!
Fall Out Boy along with those adorable  Jonas Brothers have teamed up with Autism Speaks to promote autism awareness and the nation wide Walk Now For Autism campaign.
My mom has already started a Walk Now For Autism  team in Utah (BTW Sally, why haven't you and your girls joined her team yet? Join for your trampoline buddy!) and now I must fulfill my duties as Clee's mama and create a team here in Connecticut.
My "dream" team is currently in the works and I have already contacted my people (Tice and Sally) to help me come up with a name for our team. 
As soon as our team is up and running I will post a link for all to see! Until then, enjoy the semi-informative words from Fall Out Boy and Jonas Brothers.

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Tice said...

Go Clee and the stimming sensations! We'll be there.