Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In the words of Andrew

These are just a few of the many conversations we've had today with Andrew.

Andrew: " You can't go in the street Mommy."
Mom: "Why?"
Andrew: " 'cause. There's a big-a -big bunny out there! He'll get hit by a car. He'll eat the car like a (whispers) scary monster!"

Andrew: "Mommy?"
Mom: "Yes Andrew."
Andrew: " You got hair in your nose. Do you need to go get a hair cut?"

Andrew: " Emme listen too me! I want to tell you a scary story. Once upon a time, far away, there was a big dragon."  
A minute later...
Emme: " Um okay, then what happened?"
Andrew: " Whata you talking about Emme?"
Emme: "You were telling me about the big dragon."
Andrew: " Yea, there was a big dragon."
Emme: "That's it?!"
Andrew: "uh huh." 

Andrew: " Hey Clee. Don't eat the crayon! It won't work that way!"

Andrew: "Mommy, can you put my super hero cape on my neck?"
Mom: "Yes I can."
Andrew starts to hum a song.
Mom: "What are you humming to?"
Andrew: "My Andrew hero song!"
Mom: You have a Andrew hero song?"
Andrew: "Yes I do! It's the hero song of the whole world!!!"

Andrew: " Emme. I look like the red Power Ranger Jungle Fury and Stuark (Stuart) looks like a black dog."

Very observant this boy of mine is.

Andrew: " Grammy went to Georgia?! Oh no! She forgot to pick me up!


Grandma Gerri said...

How do you keep from laughing and hurting his feelings? I'm going to have to work on that before I come to visit.

Tice said...

Andrew, I agree. Grammy forgot to pick me up too. What will she do in Georgia without us? She'll be cryin' herself to sleep on her huge pilla.

Lori said...

When does Grammy come back?