Friday, February 8, 2008

NKOTB tease us with a new song! Tice is gonna flip!

My childhood boyfriend Joey (I wished) and  New Kids On The Block have released a sample of what appears to be a new song on their website! At the end of the untitled video they ask the heart pounding question, "Are you ready?"
Well, are you?

I need to take this exciting news "step by step" just to let it all sink in!


chaffinclan said...

I...I...I...have no words. I'm speechless. I'm in shock. I really need to find the picture of me in my bedroom in Louisiana with all of my posters of them. My walls were covered.

april said...

i'm sorry, but that poster is just scary!

sorichfamily said...

wait...joey was MY dare you! this would actually be a fun concert and found my new kid's earrings the other if i can just find those big buttons with their pics on them! :)