Monday, February 4, 2008

One of the Manning's wins the Super Bowl

I'm not a fan of football, and I've never claimed to be.
Instead of watching the "big game" last night, I went over to Tice's house for a enchanted evening of So I Married An Axe Murder, coconut cupcakes, broccoli dip, and diet Dr. Pepper. It was a lovely night, wouldn't you agree Tice?

I feel that since we sort of but not really live in Giants territory, I would share with you, what I know about last night's Super Bowl.
There were commercials, lots of them.
Justin Timberlake was in a Pepsi (I think it was Pepsi) commercial.
The Giant's won.
Fiel was excited.
One of the Manning brother's won the MVP thingy.
He's going to Disney World.

Well look. At. Me! I knew more that I thought! ESPN would be thrilled to have me as a correspondent.


Mexicutioner's Mom said...

"coconut cupcakes, broccoli dip, and diet Dr. Pepper" - eww, I bet it smelled like a football game, though.

Grandma Gerri said...

Did you actually see that Pepsi commercial. As you know I hate Pepsi and would never drink it but that was a great commercial. The game was pretty boring until the end but I'm glad the Giants won even though it screwed up the Patriots perfect season.

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

me no speak de english. *snore*

Oh, Sweet!... said...

Nat! It was fun to see your comment on my blog! We are doing great, just getting ready to move. I hope you are happy and sounds like you are from reading your blog! Thanks for saying hi! Have a great week!!
Amy Taufer

Tice said...

It was a fun night. Lots of yummy goodies and one hi-freakin-larious movie.