Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In the words of Andrew and Ellie

Andrew: Hey! Why is there a picture of my Dad on the computer?
Mommy: That's not your Dad, bud.
Andrew: Is it my new Dad?
Mommy: No, just some guy named Chace.
Ellie: My mom has this picture on her computer. 
Mommy: She does? (like I didn't know, geesh!)
Ellie: Yes. She has lots of them!

 YES! I was getting my two minute daily dose of  Mr. Perez Hilton's website in front of the little peeps! What of it? 

1 comment:

Tice said...

Um...yello...Ellie...correction. Those are pictures of Zac Efron. Not Chance Crawford, thank you very much. :)