Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In the words of Andrew, the baby lover

Kalil's (Fiel's cousin Amanda's super cute baby girl) my favorite baby! I love babies! I do!
 I like to hold them and shove bottles in there mouths.
 (whispers) Uh, does Kalil were diapers? I fink (think) she does.
 I don't change diapers, mommies do.

Spoken like a true man.


Tice said...

Oh, Andrew. You're turning into such a man already.

Mexicutioner's Mom said...

ah, so true. So true.

natalie said...

@ Tice- turning into a semi sensitive man works for me! Not too sensitive though, thats when they get weird.
Can you imagine your brother (aka Andrew's daddy) ever admitting he loves babies?
I think I would die of shock if those words ever came out of his mouth. Ya know what I'm sayin'.

Grandma Gerri said...

I can so see Drew shoving a bottle in a baby's mouth.

Amanda said...

Awe, thanks Andrew! Kalil thinks you are the best. And thanks for offering your bed and your Batman pajamas for her to sleep in the next time we come to Connecticut! You are too sweet and funny!