Friday, April 4, 2008

The many shades of Drew

I'm starting to come to the realization that boys are crazy, especially my youngest boy.


Power Ranger Jungle Fury/ Cabana boy?
Sweet and sneaky
SPD emergency!
The family Rock star
The family dog
Ar me matey! Captain Andrew 's on deck!
Super Andrew and his amazing sidekick!
The evil Buzz Lighyear!


Tice said...

You know, I'm starting to think you should put him under observation for multiple personality disorder. :)

I love all of Andrew's clothing choices and costumes. It's all a scheme to prove to you that you can't make him wear clothes from the Gap. Guess you'll just have to count on Clee letting you dress him in Abercrombie and Hollister. Right?

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

Glad Andrew's out there saving the world. We need the help.

p.s. I already said that boyz are weird. Duhee.

Caro said...

He is darling. I love little boys.

You commented on my blog some time back and I hadn't checked it in forever. (

I just wanted you to know that comments are always welcome and I wasn't ignoring you.


Mexicutioner's Mom said...

@Natalie: be glad it's not Ariel, and then Jasmine, and then Barbie, etc.

@Tice: I think you mean he should be under observation for multiple awesome superhero disorder.

@Sally: a "Duhee?" really? Duhee? That's what you're sticking with?

Grandma Gerri said...

He is so totally boy I just love his enthusiasm for everything super hero.

Grandma Gerri said...
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