Monday, April 21, 2008

This is how the Mormon ladies rebel!

I found a sheet of temporary tattoos in the back of one of the "Twilight" books Lori loaned me during our visit to Delaware.
 I knew we had to put them to good use, no need to let them go to waste right?!

I was so having a "Rock Of Love" moment! 
I should probably mention that I had Lori take my temporary show of love for Edward off at the end of the night. 
It was a wee bit flashy for my taste.
New Moon is the name of one of the "Twilight" books, but Tice had something else in mind...
A little FYI, we had a great time with Tice's tat!
Can you believe Lori actually had her tattoo on her arm while she entertained the primary children with her sharing time lesson? 
Hmm... maybe Lori has a dark side after all...


Mexicutioner's Mom said...

now I KNOW those books are smutty!

And "New Moon" in the tramp stamp* location? Classic.

*what? I know things.

Rebekah said...


Amanda said...

I wish the tatoos were discovered before I went home, Ryker would have loved me to come home with an Edward tatoo. That is awesome, the fact that Lori bought them is even better! Natalie, I am glad you are an Edward lover now too!

chaffinclan said...

Ah, the tats.

@ Amanda - Hey! You made it home! :)

Grandma Gerri said...

Tice that was great.