Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Andrew's fashion sense

Andrew and I went shopping today to buy some new summer shirts for Clee. We stopped into Gap Kids, that's where Andrew had died and went to heaven! 
There were shirts, lots and lots of shirts that Andrew adored!
 He said with much excitement..."Look Mommy! These clothes were made just for me! Can I have them?... Oh please Mommy, can I?".  Although it was super hard to resist his beggars plea, I regained control of my "baby of the family gets whatever he wants"(don't judge until you get there) mentality, and told him "Sorry bud. Not today." He was so upset, that wasn't what he wanted to hear. Poor thing.
Truth be told, I will probably break down and buy him one of these cute shirts that were "made just for him", but which one?
Batman is his number one favorite super hero and movie, but ...
Indiana Jones, or as he would say,"Indi- and the Jones" (formally know as engine- ana Jones) is close behind in the favorite race. 
Even though he will not actually sit through any of  Star Wars movies, he loves the idea of them, especially the cool light sabers!
He really liked this one! It has Batman and Superman together! How can you lose?
Every boy needs a superman shirt in their wardrobe right?

Hmm... decisions, decisions...


Grandma Gerri said...

How much are they mommy, grandma needs to know.

Amanda said...

Your mom sounds like my mom...except mine has been in China and that hasn't helped much ;) But I like the Batman one for sure... that one was made just for Andrew. A Gap Batman shirt...wow!?

Trent and Amelia said...

I think batman or superman. I really like the superman one the best, but I am with amanda, the batman one looks more like andrew.
forget cost, I thought you eliminated that issue by limiting yourself to one shirt:)

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

I've seen these same shirts at Target for 1/3 the cost. Oh, but wait! These are better 'cause they're from the Gap. Got it.


natalie said...

@Sally- It's all about quality my dear. ;) They don't sell the same batman or superman shirts at the Target, the ones they sell at the target are much cheesier looking and you know that I don't do cheesy when it come to my peeps wardrobes.
Target DID however have a similar star wars shirt that we might buy.

natalie said...

ps, I can justify paying 22.50 for one batman shirt when Grandma Gerri is paying for it :)

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

@Ah, manipulation...I see your plan:)

Plus, what you're sellin' I ain't buyin:)