Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dwight Schrute, assistant to the American President?

Dwight K. Schrute 
Vice President
Earlier this month, John McCain jokingly said he wanted Dwight Schrute to join him as his Vice Presidential candidate for the 2008 elections on the Daily Show with John Stewart.
Can you just imagine? 
 McCain would have my vote..
For all the McCain supporters out there, I have nothing against John McCain. 


april said...

i love mormon democrats!! think you already know that. have you seen the clip on lindsey's blog of when dwight announced his acceptance? it's pretty funny. it would be great to have some T-shirts.

natalie said...

@April- Rainn accepted his invitation on jay leno? I'm going to have to watch that online. Do you know what day it aired?

april said...

@nat- just go to my blog and then "serving of servino." lindsey has the link set up in her post. i don't know the air date.

Tice said...

But I'd rather he went full speed and ran for president. He'd have my vote then, fo shizzle.