Thursday, May 8, 2008

Goodbye Stuart

So, hard lesson learned. I am a very awful pet owner.
 Back in February, we adopted a puppy we named Stuart. Stuart is a super cute bichon/poo puppy that loves everyone he meets. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him, he was a little ball of black curly hair begging me to take him home.
 Emme and Andrew loved him, Clee ignored his existence for the most part, and Fiel and I (mostly me) were overwhelmed with the duties of being parents to a puppy on top of being the parents of one drama queen/mini me 1st grader, one autistic/escape artist kindergartner, one super hero/rock star preschooler. 
I tried to tell myself that it will get easier when Stuart grows out of the puppy phase. But when the puppy phase interferes with the monitoring of Clee's (ahem, houdini) safety, I have to put my priorities in order. 
Long story short, our darling son Clemon needs extra special attention and the attention he needs from us had slowly drifted away to focus on Stuart and his special needs. 
I've been wanting to sell Stuart for a while now (I do have some allergies to him, that was my first concern), but after our most recent scare (they happen more than I would prefer) with Clee, all I wanted to do was give Stuart to a good home. 
I knew the best family for him. 
Last night, I gave our sweet Stuart away to a family that I know will love him and take the best care of him. He seemed really happy playing with the other family dogs and he took up with the family's youngest son right away. I knew he would be happy with them. 
This morning, the kids were sad he was gone, but as mean as it sounds, I was relieved.
I've realized that I'm not ready to become a dog owner, chances are I will never be. 
It was a fun experience having Stuart around for a few months, he is a sweet and very cute puppy. We will all miss him.
How much will therapy cost for putting Emme and Andrew threw all this?


Grandma Gerri said...

Poor kids, mean mommy! (jk) I know Clee has to be your first priority.

Tice said...

I'm glad Stuart found a good home. Maybe the kids can just visit him every now and again.

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

Poor Stuart!

Start a donation something-or-rather to get Clee a therapy dog!