Thursday, May 22, 2008

@ Mexicutioner's Mom y Mexicutioner

?Where'd ju go esse?


Mexicutioner said...

Yea Madre, where DID you go? I need my enchiladas and tamales muy pronto! You said you were going to get your nails done at the California nail saloon in Wal*Mart and you'd be right back. Well, its been days now, I'm hungry, and all you left me was left over rice and beans from breakfast and one free meal coupon to the Taco stand downtown. You know I'm not allowed downtown anymore!
Whats worse is the power company just called, your account is past due so they're coming to turn off the power! Ju know I need the AC Madre! It gets muy caliente here in Tijuana! Man.

april said...

maybe she doesn't have much to comment about on the gossip girl and oc and all your other shows nat! (just joking! especially i can't say that much about my own t.v. viewing pleasure. i've actually been thinking of doing a post myself whenever i get around to updating my blog!)

natalie said...

@ April, No... I don't think that's it.;)

Mexicutioner's Mom said...

@Natalie: sorry. Been a busy month of travel.

@Mexicutioner: I raised you better than that.

natalie said...

@ MM- we're just glad you're back and safe ;) We were worried about you, you know.

Tice said...

I, for one, am thrilled to see mexicutioner and mexicutioner's mom back.

I've missed mexicutioner and his pitiful attempts to get my sister's love and affections.

I've missed mexicutioner's mom and her stories of how hard it was to raise mexicutioner. Such wisdom she has for all of us in blogland.