Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quote of the day

Howdy all. Tice here. Guest posting on this here blog. As said by Natalie to Tice: "You need to find yourself a Mr. Darcy...from IBM."


natalie said...

@ Tice- let me take back what I said... instead of Mr. Darcy from IBM, lets say Steve Jobs. He's a lot hipper then Mr. IBM I'd say, and gurl you need someone hip, right?
Whatever happened to IBM anyway? Do they still make PC's?

Tice said...

@ natalie - Are you saying I need someone to counteract my un-hip-ness? And wasn't IBM bought out by Hewlett Packard or something like that? And I agree that my Mr. Darcy shall be an Apple lovin' boy.

natalie said...

@ Tice- Oh my sweet Ticey-kins, you know I think you're one hip mama. Please... always remember that... ALWAYS! That's the reason WHY you and Mr Darcy/IBM guy wouldn't work. You know IBM is known for it's nerdiness and not the cool kind of nerdiness your so attractive too either.
Hey, do you remember that Michael J fox commercial from the eighties when he travels through time in a really cool looking time machine (no, I'm not getting confused with Back To The Future)?
Was that a pepsi commercial or an IBM commercial?
I might have to do a little investigating tonight, youtube here I come!

natalie said...

@ My last comment to Tice- ok, I was WAY off. That Michael J fox commercial was a pepsi commercial, and the "cool looking time machine" was a pepsi vending machine.
Whatcha gonna do.

Grandma Gerri said...

Post something new I hope