Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random questions by me... Natalie

  • I miss "The O.C" and those screwy yet lovely Cohen's terribly. Does anyone else? 
  • Was Dawson's Creek really that long ago? Am I really that old?
  • Are you going to watch the new 90210 when it aires this fall?
  • Was the Gossip Girl season finale any good?
  • Who did Lucas call on One Tree Hill last night?
  • What was the name of the 80's movie Madonna stared in with the pet panther?
  • Speaking of Madonna, do you like her new album, Hard Candy? Did you even know she had a new album?


Tice said...

I don't know the answer to any of these questions. Now who's old? Huh?

Grandma Gerri said...

My answers in order:
Don't know
Have no clue
Desperately Seeking Susan
Don't know/yes

Emily Elizabeth said...

Unfortunetly, i think lucas called lindsey...
i want him and peyton...but who knows if they will ever be together.
because peyton was waiting for the call of someone who new elle and brooke was waiting for the call to let her know that angie was home. so sadly i think it was lindsey...

Andy & Dana said...

1. yes, i miss the Cohens too. I watch the OC on soapnet most evenings.
2. yes it was that long ago and no you are not THAT old.
3. most definately
4. I thought it was
5. I hope Brooke, but i am probably wrong.
6. Who's That Girl is the Madonna movie
7. I like the CD, only because it has Justin Timberlake on a song or 2, Andy just got me the cd.

katherine said...

so fun to meet you! and the only answer i know is Who's that Girl, that was the Madonna movie, and now that I remembering it, I loved that show! what a classic!

Joy said...

Hi there! That Madonna movie was indeed Who's That Girl. :o)