Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random, right?

For the last week or so, I've been reading Gregory Maguire's "Wicked" (I must know the story plot before I see it on Broadway). 
I've been reading around 40 pages a night, and I'm currently half way through. 
 I have to admit, it's taken me 200 pages of the book to start really getting into it.
The book is getting interesting now, but something very odd is going on and it has nothing to do with the book.
 I've started to notice that I'm having recurring thoughts every night after I read my 40 pages. 
If my repeated thoughts were about the book, I would pay no mind, but they're not.
So every night, when I stop reading "Wicked", I start to think about scenes from my favorite movie "Tommy Boy", then I start to crave Milk Duds. 
Every night I go through this, I don't understand it! 
Am I insane (wait, I don't know if I truly want your opinion on that particular subject)? 
Has my brain officially retired from being anywhere close to normal?
Do I need to watch "Tommy Boy" for the 150th time and treat myself to some yummy Milk Duds?


Rebekah said...

i LOVED the play of Wicked. love it love it love it.
never read the book though, is it good?

april said...

replaying tommy boy scenes in your head is never a bad thing! it just means you're smiling and in a good mood.

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

Um...I don't even know what this means.

Tice said...

@ rebekah - I wouldn't recommend the book for someone your age. But I can't wait to see the play. I'm glad you liked it!

@ april - "Fat guy in a little coat."

@ Sally - Are ju mumcused on the matter?

@ natalie - Um...I dunno. Is your brain normal? Now, I do know the answer to that.

Amanda L. said...

I will admit I didn't care for the book. Didn't even finish it...but the play is something else. You will leave breathless!

Grandma Gerri said...

The book sounds more like something I would like. But I do applaud your attempt to read it I have always hoped my love of reading would come to you and the kids. Next my love of math no?