Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Umm... Tice, I think you have a serious problem.

Call this post an intervention if you will. One of my dear sister's from another mother has confessed to having a severe love for ice cream, and that's fine and all, but when is too much, just too much?

Look at her. Some might see this picture and think to themselves, "Oh, look at Tice. She looks so blissfully happy." When I see at this picture, I see someone who has fallen off the wagon... of ice. Cream. Doom! There's only a hand full of people who know what's really going on in this picture, and I'm about to share with you... the details.
See the four empty bowls, sitting in front of our dear Tice? What are they doing in front of her you ask? 
Yesterday, was Kylie's 9th Birthday. Her birthday cake was an ice cream cake from friendly's at her request. It was yummy, very yummy. So yummy that Tice had a corner piece, followed by the remaining of Tycen's piece, followed by Kylie's, which was topped off by Jackson's almost whole piece of leftover ice cream cake goodness. Of course she looks blissfully happy in this picture, she's high on sugar and cream, a dangerous combo for our Ticey-kins. 
Tice, will you consider getting help? If not for you, for your loved ones?

Side note for the too literal: This post is a joke reflecting on Tice's love for ice cream. The events in this post are however, true.


Tice said...

mmm...ice cream

Grandma Gerri said...

Dark Chocolate tops it. literally you should have topped it with dark chocolate over dark chocolate or double fudge ice cream with a cherry on top. ooooops I'm not helping am I?

Mexicutioner's Mom said...

But she looks so happy.

natalie said...

@MM- Addiction is a powerful thing my friend ;)