Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random , yet awesome pic of the day

I would totally live on this street! 
For all of you who don't know out there in blogland, Cartel is my favorite band.
Right after KC and the Sunshine Band, I joke of course... About liking KC and the Sunshine Band, not about Cartel. Well, I shouldn't say I don't like KC and the Sunshine Band, aren't they they ones who sing "That's the Way. Uh huh uh huh. I like it. Uh huh uh huh." 
I like that song. 


april said...

has anyone told you yet that when asked what primary song andrew wanted to sing, he asked if we knew any cartel songs. sadly, i had to tell him no.

natalie said...

@ April, That's too funny. what can say? the boy knows good music when he hears it.

bekah said...

THAT is awesome. :]

sorichfamily said...

that's not all...he really asked if we could sing "bet on it"...I just happened to know that it was that is funny! and ps...he is soooo cute! i just love your kids! he was such a great boy in primary yesterday! and there is a new boy his age...which really helped!! yea for interns!, and cartel!

Tice said...

oh Andrew. Always making life more exciting through your music. Long live Cartel Lane.