Monday, July 21, 2008

Good news

Fiel, with the help of Elaine, CF, and Brittany found our new place of residence in Florida. We're going to rent a house Fiel's cousin Alex built, and I hear looks fabulous. I'm so glad the house search is over. Up next, getting Clee's IEP over to the local elementary so the school board can determine where he will be placed for 1st grade which starts in less than a month. We're making progress, always a good thing. 


LuntRunts said...

We look forward to seeing you guys soon. I told Fiel he had a pretty trusting wife to let him pick out a house. I think it's cute (I guess I'm a little biased, just a little). Hopefully you will, too!

Andy & Dana said...

congratulations on Fiel finding a house for you guys!!! The houses that Alex builds are very nice. Can't wait to have your here in Florida for a while. Now I will have another concert buddy.

Lori said...

Not fair! I want to go, to! Hmpf!