Monday, July 21, 2008

Joy ridin'

Fiel's been out of town for the last 7 days, 21 hours, and 37 minutes (but who's counting?) leaving his sparkling, metallic beauty at home... with me. Excellent...
With gas prices so high these days, it just makes sense to drive his more fuel efficient automobile around the town, rather than my big golden beast of a van while he's away, right? Right. I'm a very sensible person when it comes to these sort of things, I'll have you know. 
The kids and I have enjoyed our time using Fiel's car and I'm sure she has enjoyed our company as well. Without us, she wouldn't have had the privilege of experiencing...
  • Her stereo blasting Hannah Montana, Batman, and Jonas Brother's tunes.
  • Two or more bird droppings that have stayed on her hood for longer than one day.
  • Having water spots all over her because Emme wanted to wash her. 
  • The smell of dirty children filling up her cab.
  • Diet Coke resting in her drink holder, for 7 days, 21 hours, and 37 minutes strait. Not the same one of course. 
  • A 7 day, 21 hour, and 37 minute break from the seat belt off warning ring. Ahem Fiel, this is your warning... Start wearing your seat belt bud! 
  • Foot and sticky hand prints all over her back window. 
  • Various clothes, toys, mail, and food wrappers covering the floor of her back seat.
She's really living the good life in my care, but fear not. Come this Wednesday I will have her back to Fiel's liking, boring as ever. Sad, I know. 

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Grandma Gerri said...

Did you get the car cleaned out before Fiel got back?