Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So long CT

Car and van are fueled, packed and ready to go.
We're headed off to Florida.
After 4 years, 3 houses, 6 vehicles, and 5 schools we are leaving Connecticut.
Emme, Clee, and Andrew have spent most of their little lives here in New England, being around cousins whom they adore, being able to visit amazing places so near by, going to great schools, having an awesome primary (Sunday school) to help Clee have the best church experience possible, and so much more.
As we end this bittersweet chapter in our lives, another one begins, with new memories to make.
We will miss you Connecticut.

ps... Tice. I'm afraid it's sappy time. You had to see this coming, girl. Out of hundreds of things to miss, I will miss you the most. Are you crying yet?
Who will make me laugh as hard as you can on a daily basis? Hmm?
Who will make me banana bread and cookie dough regularly?
Who's going to accompany me to super lame concerts just for the fun of it?
Who's gonna tell me when I'm being over dramatic and to snap out of it?
The answer is no one. Well, no one can do it as well as you at least.
I'm sure gonna miss you gurl. Sniff, sniff.


Tice said...

:) Well, I *am* good at all those things. Good luck in Flarda. I'll be down to visit. Perhaps for spring break?

Amanda L. said...

You will be missed!!! All of you!