Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To my friend.

Dear Surley, since we're being "friends" can I just say... thanks for the new saying. I have adopted the phrase "Don't be ridicles okay" and will use it frequently.

Example 1: "What?! You like mustard with your tuna?! Don't be ridicles okay."

Example numero dos: "Que?! You say there's too much nacho cheese sauce in your nachos?! Don't be ridicles okay."

Example trois: "What?! You're not swooning over Edward yet?! Don't be ridicles okay."

Example IV: "What?! You say you're a size 4?! Um.... don't be ridicles okay."

Example E: "What?! You're getting tired of my examples?! Don't be ridicles okay."

For those of you reading this in blogland, ridicles ( rid-ikles) is the hip new way of pronouncing ridiculous. Sorry if you find this "stuped" but I find it highly "hilarryus". Loving you.

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Lori said...

Alright, since everyone else is busy I'll make a comment for Nat's blog. I think it's hilarryus! But then again I know the whole story. But trust me, it's not ridicules or a stuped, okay, it's just funny.