Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aww man!

If you didn't know by now, I like to think of myself as a big fan of Stephenie Meyer's  Twilight saga. 
I love a good, gorgeous vampire meets ordinary mortal girl story, don't you? Anyway, I previously posted briefly about my Breaking Dawn experience and mentioned that I couldn't wait for Edward's (the dazzling vampire) rendition of the story. 
Well... I guess the rough draft of Midnight Sun has been leaked online, and Stephenie Meyer is upset (rightfully so) and has put the novel on hold indefinitely.
Um yea... this is not gonna work for me. 
(insert whinny voice) I really want to read Edward's take on Twilight! 
Will Stephenie put this situation behind her and finish the novel? 
Will she have enough inspiration to even work on it again? 
Will we ever know Edward's whole side of the story? 
Am I the only one who really cares? (probably)
 Any thoughts about this sad news?

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Lori said...

That really stinks! I, too, wanted Edward's point of view. Let us all write our pal, Steph, and encourage her. BTW, I put up a new post, finally.